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I am curious if there a article that is under copyright in the US ... Is it illegal or legal to use in Canada ???
I believe there is a compact that recognizes the copyright of not just the US and Canada, but a host of others as well.

t's a good question, as I've had to deal with that issue myself.
There are actually internation treaties recognizing copyrights around the world... We recognize the copyrights in the United States as they recognize ours.

There are weird differences between our laws and American laws. For exampe: File sharing in Canada doesn't technically infringe on copyrights since it's for personal use.

Another example of a difference is Fair Use vs. Fair Dealing. Check Wikipedia, that's where I found the best examples.
Hi ... Well from what i gather if you ain't going to be making a profit from someone else article whether it be me , you or whom ever .... Also if it doesn't harm the writer who created the article in any form or shape at all ... Then i don't see why it can be use as you like ... I guess when it comes down to it its best to always get there approval first ... But i bet there is going to be many wars on this kind of stuff in the near future and i can't hardly wait what the movie and music companies is going to end up doing , it should get interesting ...
snooker: You would be required to get permission from the author if you were to, for example, post it on your web site. Unauthorized usage may result in legal action, and it does infringe upon the rights of the author/copyright holder.

If you do want to use something for non profit, just contact the author. People will usually enjoy the attention their work gets. Mentioning that it's for non profit (and that you will provide credit) is usually the best approach.

Other note: Publications by Canadian Press, Associated Press, and newspapers usually FORBID usage of their articles. I know the Canadian Press wants something like 200$ for one-time reprint rights... infact, they charge 50$ specifically for classroom use!!!
Andem ... Its understandable but with the internet now available to everyone around the world of all groups of ages don't you think its going to be difficult to keep the copyrights intact ???
Best way to stay on the 'right side of law', is to quote a few sentences, a paragraph or two, and then link to the URL where the article resides.

Covers all the legal bases.

Down here in the States, there are lawyers (rodents), who are now making a living going after copyright violators. They even pay a finders fee for ratting out copywrite violaters!
researchok Hi... What i do is writing a email to the writer and whom ever the site owner is and ask whether its okay to use the article

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