What goes around...

Diamond Sun
The below story is a perfect example of karma. Do any of you believe in Karma? Do you try to do nice things for strangers? Have you ever had anybody do anything nice for you without expecting something back?

Anyway. Here's the story..

www.mytelus.com/news/article....icleID=1639193 (external - login to view)
Hmmm. I don't buy it, really. It's just coincidental.

I personally help people where I can. Nothing like a kidney transplant (although I did want to and offered my grandfather a kidney when I was 14 years old). But helping a lady with her stroller down stairs or assisting someone who's in trouble (being robbed, etc) is stuff that I naturally do without even thinking twice. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't like that and I don't ever expect anything back.
Haggis McBagpipe
I'd have to say I don't believe in karma, although it'd be nice.

I love to do nice things for other people, not for future possible karmic benefits, but more for the sheer pleasure of it. I like picturing someone being happy somewhere because of me, and yes, I like the anonymous aspect of it whenever feasible.
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American Voice
It is my understanding that karma is first discussed as such in the Mahabaratha. Arjuna is hesitant--well, more frozen with anxiety about the great battle in which he is about to lead the forces of the Pandabar. He is counseled by Lord Krisna, who tells him, essentially, that all consequences of action are unintended. There is only purity in inaction, or non-action. But in life, one has to act, has to choose, has to accept the compromise of one's purity. To do otherwise is vain. Who was it said evil triumphs when good men fail to act. Krisna's explication of this is that portion of the Mahabaratha known separately as the Baghavad Gita. I'm no scholar, but I hope I've got this right. If there are any Hindu members here, perhaps he or she will correct me, and elaborate.

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