Hey ppl!

hellow to everybawdy :P

I live in smithers, british columbia. small crap town full of dykes! ACK! Sorry, that was rude

Girl 19 y.o and I just love those telus monkeys. anywayz, i searched throught google and found this site. so here i am

And those emoticon happy face thingys are addictive get them away from me~
i hope its not all politcs here. please oh please.
Hi fuzzy. Yes! I like your avatar, the Telus Monkey

Please try not to use words like Dyke here, especially if it's not a bad context like you're using.
Reverend Blair
Smithers has a flooding problem?
Hiya And no, its not all politics. Though I'm only here for the politics. I'm 26, and I'm Québécois. Un plaisir de faire t'a connaisance.
Hi! Nah it isn't only politics =) Its also just for chats So don't worry!


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