Curiousity. Who here is bilingual?

Hi GA!!!!, Nice to have ya here


Thanks JDream, hopefully I'll become pretty active here
Heheheh I think ya will


I speak 3 languages: English, French and Fluent Arabic.
Cool! hmm .. I can write Arabic.. And speak it a little bit.. just trying to learn it more..


Ok JDream. I will teach you all you want about the Arabic Language. This way you can read the news from a different source than CNN and FOX.
Cool =D Thanks!
hi im from canada and i speak english, french!
Hi Jenna... Why not create a thread telling us a bit about yourself. Or register so you can save your nickname from being taken

Welcome to Canadian Content!
Reverend Blair
I can swear a little in Cree...and Ukrainian...and Italian, oh and French too. Mostly I swear in English though.
Italian eh? Come stai? Ahahaha


English, Korean, Tagalog(Filipino)/Ilocano(Filipino dialect), a total crooked Spanish
Oh wow! Thats cool!
Fluent in four languages, is that quadrilingual? (Bosnian, Italian, French and English), can understand another couple of them.
So, your from Bosnia? :P
I am kind of bilingual. I can understand french enough to consider myself so :P
English, French, Italian
I am not bilingual. I know enough French to stumble through a conversation if the other person is not too smart. :P
My kids will be bilingual(I hope!) when they finish school. We have an excellent French immersion program in our school board.
My oldest daughter is just entering high school in September, and she is bilingual.. she takes 50% of her subjects in French.

Being fluent in Fench may or may not aid them in their future lives. Of course, if they remain in this area.. it can be nothing but beneficial.
My brother lives in B.C. In Vancouver there are far more Orientals than French people.
If they move to the states.. they will not encounter much use for French.
Who knows.... but the experience and brain power required to obtain the knowledge are nothing but wonderful.
Knowing another language, is never bad.
Nope, that's true!

So what kind of foreign languages do they teach you at highschool. In the Netherlands it is normal to get English from primary school onwards, and from highschool onwards also German, French and Dutch.
In the southern states they get spanish like we get French or English.
Hmm i only get German and English at school.. =\
can read french...can't speak it for the life of me.

(thanks to all of canadas bi-lingual packaging!)
I am sure everyone in canada knows what toilet paper is in french! Cuz you know when your sitting there....that french side of whatever product is staring at you in the face! lol
Good one LuShy

Quote: Originally Posted by Numure

Knowing another language, is never bad.

It's actually a very good thing to know more than one language. Here's why:

Quote: Originally Posted by Question

I know that after puberty it is increasingly difficult to learn a new
language, but I don't know what effect learning two languages has on
the overall speed of aquisition. Does learning two languages at the
same time result in slower linguistic development? Has research been
published on this issue?

Quote: Originally Posted by Answer

Learning two languages at the same time does not result in slower
linguistic development. Children who are exposed to two languages will
naturally acquire both languages just as easily as acquiring one

There are a number advantages that bilingual children have over
monolingual children. Learning a second language benefits a child’s
cognitive development. Bilingual children also tend to perform better
in other subjects like mathematics and science. Children who are
bilingual also have an increased capacity for learning languages as
adults. Children who are bilingual do tend to dominate in one
language, often this will be the language of schooling.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding bilingualism.
Many people believe that bilingual children get confused between the
two languages and will tend to mix them up. However children are
extremely proficient in separating the two languages. Some tasks like
mathematical skills will often be carried out in one language and then
translated to the other.

A second language is most easily acquired during the time frame from
birth to puberty. After puberty changes in the brain make it harder to
learn a second language. However adults still have the capability of
becoming highly proficient speakers of second languages. Studies have
shown that when age is related to language acquisition, age
differences reflect differences in the situation of learning rather
that the capacity to learn.

A great deal of research has been carried out on bilingualism. An
excellent source of this research can be found by following the link
given below to ‘Database of bilingualism’ where details of the latest
research in this field can be found. The link to age related factors
in second language acquisition also gives many links to research in
this field.

I speak french and english, english as my first language
Anyone else bilingual? I guess not, speak up if you are!
I hope i will be next year! I will be studying in Lancaster, England for half a year. As i study English language and culture, i hope to be more than good in it next year

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