Quit smoking... it worked

I just wanted to let everyone know, I've been a non-smoker for almost 4 months (officially, on the 25th) and I did it using Zyban (bupropion hydrochloride) and I already have a few friends on it.

I've tried patches (6 times failed), nicorette, cold-turkey and hypnosis and Zyban did the trick! Just wanted to share my success for anyone who wants to quit, ask your doctor about a prescription for zyban!

(Its not good for anybody who has a risk for seizures, a bad heart, pregnancy, recent illness)
Congrats Andem Now what are you going to do with all that money you saved?

Can you give me some of it I'm a poor website owner hehe
Any addiction is the illusion created and maintained by the mind.

It is the power of the mind which can get rid of this illusion.

70% of ALL medication work due to placebo effect, sources say.


I m glad it worked for you Andem, but I still use tobacco for the ceremonial practices.

Bob Carrick
Actually Smoking has a very physical addiction also.
Dixie Cup
D-day - Jan 1st. I, too, am going to use Zyban!!
Umm, what if you actually enjoy smoking???
I always admired those who quit cold turkey. A good friend used nicoderm and ... still uses it. Now his money is going to the gum company instead.
Tobacco, alcohol, casinos and fast food are all taking a heavy toll on the health of the country's citizens. Tobacco seems to raise the most concern although I'm sure in this area casinos have destroyed more families and lives. Fast food is likely second with obese children as plentiful as geese poop in the parks. Many will get to twenty and claim disability.
And now with smokes almost ten bucks a pop, the black market is thriving. Folks on modest incomes can't afford to smoke while those about them sucking on government jobs can. It's hugely discriminatory and justifies the prevalence of contraband.
If they want to smoke let them. Health Canada's brainless assertion that smokers are depleting medicare is as 'tarded as they come. The folks really sticking it to the public health system are the aged. With Alzheimers on the march and the outrageous costs involved in caring for those afflicted, the geniuses at Health Canada should be kissing every smoker's ***.

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