Freedom of music in the US not possible in the US.

Well this is a sad story that is utterly rediculous. Two DJs were suspended from their jobs from a country music radio station for playing the Dixie Chicks.

Yah that's right SUSPENDED for playing the DIXIE Chicks. Ok I'm not a fan of theirs but doesn't this action proove to them that they are right?

Here's the url of the article
That's just f**king typical!

That's the only word for it.. Is typical.
Communism I think so.......... George Orwell was right about the US when he wrote the book 1984.

It wasn't a bad book and film either I liked it. I guess today's George Orwell is Michael Moore the director of Bowling for Columbine.

Its pretty stupid there is no freedom of speech in that situation and I'd go to court and sue the company for suspension under the rights of a communistic act.

One who fights the enemy becomes the enemy meaning the US was fighting communism look at them now.

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