21 *ahem*, pick-up lines

foolproof. true story.

Street harassment is defined as any unwanted (external - login to view) gawking, whistling, commenting and/or physical contact of a sexual nature -- something that up to 99 percent of women report experiencing (external - login to view) in their lifetimes. In case you needed proof that the sidewalk can be a hostile place for women, these are just a few of the things female editors at The Huffington Post have heard while walking down the street:

These Are The Things Men Say To Women On The Street (external - login to view)
Bunch of charmers.

Some of them weren't to bad, what's wrong with asking if someone is single?
Kek, "Smile" isn't a pick-up line and the fact that she was mad at that is even funnier.

Link related: Man goes undercover as a woman, what he finds is amazing.. - Album on Imgur (external - login to view)
The girls who don't fit the "advertisers versions of the ideal", and who never draw a comment, or a come on, are sometimes very sad and lonely, and probably hate these winers
rice is nice
They're all free speech, even if insulting or rude. They're not even harassment unless there was a previous similar exchange whereafter the offender was told to stop the offensive behaviour, < then it becomes harassment, imo.

broads need ta suck it up!
"May I push in your stool?"
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"May I push in your stool?"

careful Walter
if you say that in a bar during gay pride
someone will get mad if you don't follow through
"Can I put my leg next to yours?"
Actually used and actually worked.
Together 10 years now.
From an episode of BBC sitcom "Bottom":

[Edward "Eddie" Elizabeth Hitler and Richard "Richie" Richard return to their home from the pub.]

Richie [the late, great Rik Mayall]: I mean what happened there? I just don't understand it. I made all the right moves: I winked, I smiled - one of my nice ones as well - I sat down very nicely, leant forward, put on my special eyes and said "Hello big tits, looking for some action?" And what did she say?

Eddie [Ade Edmondson]: I think she said no, didn't she?

Richie: That's right! No. Blasted lesbians everywhere. They should have labels on them or something. I wasted half an hour on those two. Prancing up and down, winking, clenching me buttocks - backwards and forwards to the Gent's I was going. Look at this, look at this! I've got armfuls of gonad enhancers down here [pulls loads of toilet paper from his trousers].

Eddie: I don't think they were lesbians, Richie, 'cause they got off with those other blokes. Those, er, handsomer, wittier, erm, well basically those two guys who didn't have a load of toilet paper stuffed down their trousers.

Richie: Yeah, well you hardly helped, did you? Stuffing a Vimto bottle down the front of your pants and shouting "Wahoo, looking for the Eiffel Tower girls?"

Eddie: I got a result.

Richie: I don't call a kick in the knackers a result.

Eddie: A free drink!

Richie: Oh yes, a kick in the knackers and a vodka and tonic in the face.

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