Copenhagenís New Bike Skyway Makes Commuting Look Fun


At just over 13 feet wide, the Cycle Snake allows faster riders going both directions to pass slower cargo bikes

Copenhagen has long been leading the world in citizen-pleasing infrastructure, and the country has yet again outdone itself. In June, it welcomed the Cykelslangen, or Cycle Snake, an elevated cyclist roadway over the harbor to ease congestion.

This road is the latest addition to one of the most bicycle-friendly city infrastructures (external - login to view) in the world. In Copenhagen, more than 50 percent of residents (external - login to view) ride their bicycles to work. Portland, Oregon, with the most bicycle commuters in the United States, clocks in at 6.1 percent. Credit those numbers to a culture that encourages cycling, but also to an infrastructure that does the same, with traffic lights timed for bicycle speeds, cobblestone paths with smoothed shoulders, and parking systems that position unoccupied cars as a buffer between cycle lanes and moving traffic. So many people cycle that itís become a quaint issue to find parking for the two-wheelers (external - login to view).


Copenhagenís New Bike Skyway Makes Commuting Look Fun | Autopia | WIRED (external - login to view)

Copenhagenís newest bike lane totally rules | Grist (external - login to view)
It's a good idea. It gets those arrogant menaces off the roads.

London is to get one.
Good idea, yet another one from Europe.

Ever been on a GO Train in rush hour? It's not all.

What a joke the GTA is.
We need one of these in Regina.
Unless it spews out muck we just don't think about things like this in Canada.
bill barilko
I see many times more pedestrians than cyclists using that walkway.
Quote: Originally Posted by bill barilkoView Post

I see many times more pedestrians than cyclists using that walkway.

So what?
bill barilko
Quote: Originally Posted by GrievousView Post

So what?

That means it's in no way a 'bike skyway' just an elevated sidewalk where bicycles are allowed-for the moment.

Note-I'm a city cyclist and you most certainly are not.
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Great idea for the Twin Cities which is enjoying a construction boom thanks to having a Democrat in the Capitol as governor and the majority in both Houses. We even ended the Republican created deficit.

Things always work out so much better that way.
I heard just this morning on the radio that they're planning something similar here in Melbourne.
Dixie Cup
Hmmmm - wonder how they handle their winters? Don't know that I'd want to bike then.


Oh, how silly - they must use "bike snowplows" of course lol

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