Hotter climate could turn all sea turtles into females

Hotter climate could turn all sea turtles into females

Sea turtles are likely to be beneficiaries of a warming climate as hotter incubation conditions trigger a rising share of female hatchlings that could lift natural rates of population growth, new research to be published in Nature Climate Change on Monday shows.

But gains will be temporary if temperatures keep rising and nudge populations towards becoming all female, or exceed levels at which developing embryos die, the study found.

''There'll be a bit of a breathing space but down the track it'll be serious,'' said Graeme Hays from Deakin University, one of the report's authors.

It has been known for decades that reptile reproduction is highly sensitive to temperature, with the ratio of male to female offspring varying. For species of sea-turtles, the pivotal temperature is an oddly uniform 29 degrees for incubation, beyond which more females emerge from the eggs.

At about 30.5 degrees, populations become fully female. As remaining males die off, ''it will be end of story without human intervention'', Professor Hays said. At higher than 33 degrees, embryos do not survive.

The study focused on a globally important loggerhead turtle rookery on the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic but its results also apply to species elsewhere, including the Pacific. It found light-coloured sandy beaches already produce 70.1 per cent females, while beaches with darker sands are at 93.5 per cent.

The findings should help steer conservation efforts to make a priority of protecting lighter-coloured sandy beaches or planting more vegetation near dark ones to ameliorate the warming, Professor Hays said. ''If you have to build a hotel, build it behind the dark-coloured beach,'' he said.

Since breeding populations are likely to swell in coming decades, sea turtle adult populations are ''unlikely to be dire in the next 150 years'', the paper said.

Professor Hays said any near-term increase in turtles would be modest compared with past populations. Green turtles in the Caribbean, for instance, are ''a fraction of 1 per cent'' of their original numbers.

Other changes linked to global warming, including effects on food sources, will also likely offset some of the benefits of having more breeding females, he said.

''Rising sea levels resulting in the loss of nesting beaches [through erosion] could push local turtle populations over the brink unless new suitable nesting beaches are found,'' the paper said.

It remains to be seen whether sea turtles, which have survived hundreds of millions of years, can adjust quickly enough to a changing climate, Professor Hays said.

Possible adjustments could include females laying their eggs at milder times of the year or shifting to cooler regions.

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Colder climate COULD change all turtles male . could lol
Woulda, shoulda, coulda, that's all the Kool-Aid drinkers know.
captain morgan
Quote: Originally Posted by pgsView Post

Colder climate COULD change all turtles male . could lol


... Shrinkage
If ifs and buts were fruit and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas.
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If ifs and buts were fruit and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas.

And if I was the last male sea turtle left, I'd probably die smiling.
Maybe the turtles will adapt and migrate to more ideal locations.

Animals and reptiles do know how to migrate and move from one spot to another when living conditions are no longer ideal (all the food has been used up, change in season, new predators moved in, etc.)

Apparently they say polar bears will die out due to no ice for them to wander around on in hunting seals and we're shown images of a lone polar bear swimming in the middle of nowhere as if to imply they will just drown and die.

Yet if there is no ice for polar bears, then there's also no ice for the seals and both species will be forced to adapt to living closer to land, which then makes it more easier for polar bears to hunt seals and thus, far better conditions for them.

Or they migrate south and closer to humanity which is already happening.

The problem is that these Global Warmongers continually think that animals are devoid of any instincts or intelligence and will just die without us helping them along, even though they have adapted for many centuries without our involvement and survived many natural disasters.

These turtles will figure out that the conditions are no longer right as the environment gradually shifts and therefore they will move to the best nesting grounds as needed.

Or they will die.... Survival of the fittest.

If humans start making them little hotels and nests conditioned to make things easier for them, then they eventually lose their instincts and ability to adapt to the environment.

If they claim human interference is causing the problem, i doubt more interface is going to make it any better.
Screw the blind bipolar bears.

PS they are omnivores.
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Screw the blind bipolar bears.

PS they are omnivores.

Now that's just silly talk... we all know there's no grass in the Arctic.
That is like saying all children getting vaccines in the Middle East could become
Christian that statement has been made too and its nonsense Let us scare the
people and they will change and we will make more money in the collection plate.
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climate could..

A hotter climate could:

Cause hostile aliens to invade;

Cause the deaths of all firstborn children;

Lead to a herd of Godzillas rampaging through our towns and cities;

Lead to rivers of blood;

Lead to One Direction occupying every spot in the UK Top 40;

Lead to Ed Miliband becoming British Prime Minister until 2172;

Cause male chickens to lay pink dodecahedron eggs;

Cause a zombie invasion of Weston-super-Mare.

These will be the next "climate change" scare stories we can expect to see in the next year or two.

And don't think I'm exaggerating......

Quote: Originally Posted by petrosView Post

Screw the blind bipolar bears.

PS they are omnivores.

Please don't talk wet. The polar bear is carnivorous. The polar bear is the most carnivorous member of the bear family.

How the hell can they be omnivorous when they live in a world almost completely devoid of plants?

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