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It's now 69 years since the Nazi regime collapsed. Let's recall the blood lust of unfettered capitalism & the courage of those who fought it

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American public school teachers are woefully unprepared to teach. Teacher training programs in the US are ineffective. Besides, the best people don't go into teaching.
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I'd hit that.

.... oh yeah... such an awful comment... yeah.... very bad.
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I'd hit that.

.... oh yeah... such an awful comment... yeah.... very bad.


I'm old enough I might actually have to take the time to talk to her.

Fascism was a blight on the world when the far right of the political spectrum
wreaked havoc on civilization
On the other end of the spectrum was the left under communism that killed even
more people. Its akin to saying the difference between Hitler and Stalin was
Hitler was a small minded selective maniac murdering despot
Stalin was an equal opportunity killer.who didn't kill for a specific reason.
You can't call one evil and one eccentric they were both evil.
Today we have two blights on society forms of unfettered capitalism opposed
by groups of green religion folks who oppose virtually everything
The unbridled left is not as bad as the unbridled right in that the unbridled right
is better organized and they have an actual agenda while the Eco left is just
opposed not organized and sometimes I wonder if they could end up being
opposed to themselves at some point.
She is likely a teacher who perhaps at least gave this whole thing a thought
and in America thinking is not good for career advancement

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