Who could succeed Harper if the Cylons attacked?

OTTAWA — If tragedy struck and Stephen Harper were somehow unable to perform his duties as prime minister, who would take over?

Battlestar Galactica fans know this question is vitally important, as responsibility fell to the 43rd person in the line of succession when the mechanical killer robots known as the Cylons launched a sneak attack on mankind and wiped out the first 42 potential successors to the president on the popular sci-fi TV series.

In Canada, a list of succession adopted by Cabinet on Oct. 17 shows Senator Marjory LeBreton would be in charge if Harper were somehow incapacitated.

Not only is LeBreton leader of the government in the Senate but she is also vice-chair of the all-powerful Cabinet committee on priorities and planning, which organizes all government business.

This is the same Cabinet committee position then-foreign minister Lawrence Cannon held when he was second in the order of succession until his defeat in the May 2011 election.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, chair of the Cabinet operations committee, is third in the order of succession, followed by Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, chair of the Cabinet social affairs committee, and Defence Minister Peter MacKay, chair of the Cabinet foreign affairs and defence committee.

The last name on the list is Minister of State for Sport Bal Gosal.

He’s 37th in order of succession — which means Harper might want to consider appointing six more ministers to ensure Canada is ready for a Cylon attack.

Laura Roslin, the secretary of education, was 43rd on the Battlestar Galactica succession list when she became president.

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I always figured if something happen to Gilbert, Lewis would get the job.

Harper and Clements
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Hal 9000 VS Dave - Ontological scene in 2001 A Space Odyssey - YouTube

I'm hoping these guys get a shot....
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Hal 9000 VS Dave - Ontological scene in 2001 A Space Odyssey - YouTube

Dave's not here.
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Dave's not here.

hehe... Might make the world a bit more livable

Chong is CDN, he could run for PM.
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We can get some fake papers for Cheech... It keeps the birthers and conspiracy theorists happy
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They have papers.....

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What was I even thing...

Badges?... We don't need no stinkin' badges!

That probably applies to papers as well
The Cylons have a lot to fear.

They might end up here:


The PM doesn't have a toaster like this...

If they did it would cost more than $149.99.

Or cheap like the Graystone Toaster which isn't chrome.

How about this on toast?

If the goal is to find someone to do a job similar to what Harper has done, than I think Baltar would be the obvious choice.
Layton would be thawed, his brain would be transferred to a sentinel and would rule the country as he should have.

It's code name is "Project Orange"
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