Personalized License Plates (Vanity Plates)

Post pictures of Personalized License Plates (Vanity Plates)

POST YOUR PLATES.. (Not your personal plates silly, vanity pics)

Looking for a plate to buy (Albertan Residents) to put on the front of your car.. FYI. You will get a ticket if your vanity plate is from another Canadian province.

License Plates for Sale. Collector, recent issue expired and vintage plates for sale. Including YOM license Plates for Classic cars for: Ontario, Michigan and Ohio, Tim's Plate Store, User-agent: Disallow: * , <meta name="msvalidate.01" content="64DD (external - login to view)

...and not to forget Alberta's New plate.. Strong and Free

I saw one that made hubby and bust out laughing the other day in Edmonton.


I couldn't help but think someone must be a romance novel fan.
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I saw a fugly blonde, her makeup was obviously applied by a shotgun, driving an H2 with the plate ATM PRO.

I had to pull over until I stopped laughing.
L Gilbert
I saw a pic of one that said "370H55V". Had to laugh and wonder if the critter driving really was one.

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