Phishing !

I have become accustomed to phishing attacks supposedly from Banks, Building Societies, Tax Office etc., but the one that arrived today really takes the biscuit !

It purports to come from the F.B.I. no less - and says that money ($10,500,000,000 ) has been deposited in my name in a USA bank - by a terrorist organisation ! If I do not send details of my UK bank etc., etc., within the next three days - the F.B.I. will be forced to take action and I may end up in gaol - or even jail, as it is american !

Now I know it is only a phishing attack - but it is so threatening and scary. I have forwarded it to the Fraud line - and to FBI HQ - but can nothing be done to stop things like this ??
www.consumerfraudreporting.or...g_examples.php (external - login to view) (external - login to view)

You're not the only one......... FBI email scams - Bing (external - login to view)

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