City of the Future - 2020

What would YOU consider the city of the future look like and what kind of features would it have?

Power supply? Solar, Wind, Geo Thermal

Water Supply? Texas Town to Recycle Urine : Discovery News (external - login to view)

Transportation? Electric cars??

Environment? Dome City?

See if there are any visionaries here on this forum...

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L Gilbert
Well, I can see buildings become more efficient for using the various forms of weather to generate power. Also I think they will be built increasingly better at enduring more types of weather.
Storing energy will get more efficient.
Recycling and garbage disposal will get more efficient.
Mass transportation will get better.
Heating and cooling of living spaces can be cut to almost zero by using the earth for the bulk of the temp stabilization. Some some heat in the summer for release in the winter an store some cold from the winter to be released on the hotter days in the summer.

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