Dan Wheldon dies in IndyCar crash in Las Vegas

A major crash has occured at the Izod IndyCar Series finale in Las Vegas. - KTXL (external - login to view)

Dan Wheldon has died in a major crash at the Izod IndyCar series finale in Las Vegas.
The 2011 Indianapolis 500 (external - login to view) champion went flying into the wall during a 15-car accident on lap 11 of the Izod IndyCar Series World Championship.

IZOD IndyCar Las Vegas: Video Of 15-Car Pile-up - SB Nation Indiana (external - login to view)

This is a very sad day for Indy car racing. Especially since next year they are planing on rolling out a new design that would be even safer than what they are driving now.
I've never been a fan of Indy, but its too bad.
I got into my hotel room this afternoon. Unpacked a bit and turned the tv on and started surfing. It was a horrific thing to see.

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