Where is Kienan Hebert?

Man, it's going on days now and as a portrait of his alleged abductor unfolds it is all the more frightening.

BC Police Issue Amber Alert For 3-Year-Old Kienan Hebert - YouTube

I have a bad, bad, bad feeling about this one.
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so do I. I wonder how they linked this fellow to the boy so quickly. A picture of the man sent

chills up my spine, what a desperate looking face, and as a little child, it would be frightening.

No feeling could be more helpless or heartbreaking as one's child gone missing.
They've expanded the Amber Alert to Alberta now.

I feel a knot in my stomach.
The photo of the little boy being shown on Global just wrenches my heart. How could anyone harm this child - any child? My prayers are with the family. I don't think there will be a good outcome. Gaia bless them.
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