Canada Post can pound salt

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We are getting what we pay for. Union slugs, paid accumulative sick days, low work ethic, big wages, etc..

Time to privatize it.

I would have agreed whole heartedly up until I was confronted by what I related in the previous post. They are all a bunch of bandits. Well maybe not all, I just got a perfect haircut for $12 from the little Vietnamese guy I go to. He has a good work ethic and is very meticulous.
I'm still waiting for the fishing lure DaS sent me.

Or Canada Post to tel me what and where "A recipient safe location" is.
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I'm still waiting for the fishing lure DaS sent me.

Or Canada Post to tel me what and where "A recipient safe location" is.

It's not quite a Lure....It's a gadget powered by a 9volt battery that you put on the end of an ice fishing rod or a stick... that lights up and emits a buzzing sound when even a small perch bites. especialy good for night fishing.
They are now pretty rare since the guy quit making them years ago, I'll see if I can find some more around town.
I'll get your postal box # before I send it next time.
Went back to Canada Post today with just a book in hand. Laid it on the scale, measured it without bubble envelope and it still cost $13.95 to send from Southwest Ontario to Grande Prairie Alta.

Now here's the kicker.

Same book, same shipper (Can Post) to London England. $12.00
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I went in to the post office today to send out a copy of my book to my niece who lives in Grand Prairie Alta and almost fell over when I paid the shipping bill. $14.27 with taxes to send a 6 X 9 paperback from the Niagara region to Grande Prairie Alta. Up 2 bucks from the last one I shipped. I said to the postal worker. "I guess it's time to start taking my business to the couriers."

"They're more expensive," she replied.

When I ship from my publisher in Wisconsin and North Carolina it cost me half that.

I think it's time to do away with this overpriced crown corporation.

When you consider that the Corporation's CEO is allowed to pay himself and the rest of the executive team's 6 figure salaries and benefits, that the rest of us can only dream about, what can you expect? If it is a Crown Corporation and the Government of Canada imposes wage settlements on uion personnel, maybe it's time they also scaled back the salaries and benefits of the executive team, and while they are at it eliminate the massive bureaucracy working at the post office that have nothing whatsoever to do with actually sorting or delivery of mail.

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