Hello Everyone from Canada!!

Please help me ! My boyfriend and I are moving to Canada at the end of September. We have been doing everything possible to move to Canada. For the last two years I have been travelling , a year and a half of that was living in China where I meet my man. I am from NZ and he is from the UK but was living in Australia. He came to China to travel we meet , he went back to Aussie , I went and saw him , went back to China , he came to China and we both went to the UK. YES we have officially followed each other around the world. Both our dream from when we meet was to move Canada.Because we are from different places we have to go to NZ so i can get a work visa which is a lot of money ..We don't have a lot of money and are hoping for the best that we won't be stuck with no money or a place to live. Can anyone suggest a good , cheap city to live in and possible places for jobs . We are both so hard working it's scary. lol any suggestions will be great thanks so much!

Also visa versa tips from either NZ or The UK will be offered to you for your help
x Jess