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That hydroponic stuff is great until they screw up the temperature or the chemicals. You'll get tomatoes that burn the inside of your mouth and ecoli outbreaks in Germany ... these things happen ... but are they necessary in order to ensure that everyone in the world is fed? It seems that a lot of people in Somalia are hungry and that terrorists are demanding money from humanitarians to enter the refugee area and distribute food. Never mind ... 3 acres of land is not enough to feed million for many reasons.

It seems that people in Somalia are starving to death. Should Canada bring them into the country (who knows what selection method is used in Somalia when people want Canadian passports) to escape starvation? Should Canada drops food bombs from the sky? Should Canada pay the terrorists that block the road to helping the starving people?

Should Canada drop into the refugee camp to select immigrants and if so, how are they going to be selected? They will lie, steal and cheat for a Canadian passport. What then ... will Canada be the modern Australia taking convicts or tyrants from other countries?

Hydroponis is nothing like aquaponics. Aquaponics can be done organicly while hydroponics depends on putting bad stuff in the water. That is why many of us will never smoke hydroponic pot.
WE should not let any Somalies into the country. Sending food there is one thing but we do not need any more refugees. Somalia is a basket case and destroyed their own country. Do not send money either as little of it will go to where it is needed.
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Cliffy I am not saying all organic grower are fundamentally dishonest and cheat. I know many
organic growers and represent some on the provincial association I am an executive member
of. We represent both conventional and organic growers.
There are a lot out there that cheat like crazy, and a lot of supermarkets that import organic
food that is not organic at all, There are some countries that amount to little more than cheap
organic knock offs.
There are some fine upstanding organic growers and I have no problem with them at all my
problem comes when the organic registrants know the cheating is going on and look the other
way. What is going on now is hurting the organic industry because cheap product that is suspect
and some not so organic growers pose as the real thing.
That being said one million pounds of organic food on three acres is little more than a pipe dream
and if it sounds to good to be true, well you know the saying.

there is organically grown food, and there is 'certified organic', which costs the grower a pretty
penny to be part of, and many hoops to jump thru for the grower.
the soil cannot be considered OK for organic growing until it has been free of chemicals and
pesticides for 3 years.

my daughter is a grower for an organic farm. the most healthy beautiful big fat blueberries, and salads and many
other fruits and veggies, but also very expensive.

they don't even use any fish fertilizers.
Fish isn't a very good fertilizer source. Things then taste fishy.

Blueberries faked in cereals, muffins, bagels and other food products - Food Investigations - NaturalNews.tv (external - login to view)
You've never heard of blueberry "bits" before?

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