All problems solved in 2 seconds

Study: All American Problems Could Be Solved By Just Stopping And Thinking For Two Seconds | The Onion - America's Finest News Source (external - login to view)

CHAPEL HILL, NC—A study published Thursday by psychologists at the University of North Carolina concluded that all American problems—from stuck jacket zippers to the national debt—could be solved if citizens just stopped, took a deep breath, and thought for two seconds before they acted. "We found that in 93 percent of cases, a positive outcome could have been achieved if Americans simply splashed a little water on their faces prior to dealing with an unfair boss, being out of clean spoons, signing on to direct a second Wall Street film, or answering a call from a parent," Janet Mallory, the study's lead author, told reporters. "Our data indicate that when U.S. citizens don't take a second to compose themselves, they typically charge in like maniacs and hurt either themselves or several million Iraqi civilians." Mallory said a good rule of thumb for Americans is to think of a plan, stop, and then do the complete opposite.
What the hell does this have to do with beer? (the cause of and solution to all life's little problems)
That would definitely convert a lot of pro-lifers.
All Problems Solved in 2 Seconds....

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