34th regiment Canada Army 1915 Russel Burley

Russel Burley was my Great Grandfather. He fought in the Battle of The Somme. He was gased but lived only to suffer a massive strock in his early years of life that left him bedridden till the day he died.
I walk by his picture every day (at least 20times) and always look at this proud young man in his Wool Uniform and reliaze I never cared enough to even ask much about him. SHAME On ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the people who could tell me are all gone and I'm left to try to uravel bits of History.
I hang my head when I say I nver knew about Somme. I want to know now. I want to be able to walk by his picture and say Thanks.
I hope there is a history buff able to help me. Thanks so much Lucy
welcome to the forum. I dont know much about the somme either, but I'm sure you'll have a flood of answers, both right, wrong and weird, very soon.
Thank you so much for the welcome. I look forward to all views and information. Lucy
why not tell us some more about yourself in the introductions sub-forum?
here's the link (external - login to view)
Welcome Lucy

I have to admit that my knowledge of the "Battle of the Somme" is very superficial but here is a link to a lot more information than I have.


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