What did Jesus look like ?

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Fukk off chief. Go protest somewhere.

Oh, sorry. Didn't realize this area was reserved for whining.

What did Jesus really look like?

What did Jesus really look like? - BBC News (external - login to view)
In the Gospels, Jesus often admonishes people for asking silly questions.
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In the Gospels, Jesus often admonishes people for asking silly questions.

I guess that all of CC members are going to be admonished on judgement day.
Sheep to the right. Goats to the left.
He looked like Mr T in his prime.
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Oh, my. Godspell. I forgot that existed.

So, y'know, f*ck you for bringing it back to me, Smacky.
You got it!
I saw Jesus in a true dream, and I described him about precisely:

He is a long man: I saw him reclining on his elbows inbetween two winged angels: the wings of the angels were brown (with brown feathers like the wings of the Eagle); of course Jesus has no wings.

He was closing his eyes, wearing a dishdasha: a whitish one, like the usual Arabian dishdasha

He has fine Israeli features, with nice face and fine nose; and he was serious (not smiling or laughing)
His color was not red face or red cheeks, but about pale, not so pale.

The two angels folded their wings as they sat the sitting of the Muslim after finishing his prayers.

One of the two angels faced me: he was a man with brown eyes and medium mustaches (and beard? I don't remember exactly.) I did not see his hands: I think they were under his wings.
The other angel had his back to me: I did not see his face.
The Christ was reclining on his elbows in between them: half sitting half lying

I remember a Jew: the Christ was about similar to his shape, but not exactly. He is about similar to the older son of Abu Abd-Allah, with a longer face and firm or serious expression.

His face was not so small or triangular as it is portrayed in some pictures of the artists, nor red but as I said nearly pale but not too pale.
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