La trousse pédagogique Se donner le mot, l’ultime outil pour la rentrée scolaire!

La trousse pédagogique Se donner le mot est maintenant disponible sur DVD. Comprend trois guides pédagogiques (format PDF) avec feuilles reproductibles et corrigés pour JOUER, APPRENDRE et EXCELLER, le tout accompagné de 40 capsules audiovisuelles humoristiques interprété par nul autre que Pierre Verville et Christopher Hall!

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L’équipe du site
I see DVD and PDF, which leads me to believe I might be able to help you with this subject, or put an opinion on it..... if I could read/speak French that is.

Any French speaking people here to translate this?
"The teaching case to give the word is now available on DVD. Includes/understands three teaching guides (format pdf) with sheets reproducible and corrected TO PLAY, LEARN and EXCEL, the whole accompanied by 40 humorous audio-visual capsules interpreted by no one other that Pierre Verville and Christopher Hall! To order: (external - login to view) The team of the site"

It's spam prax. (translated courtesy of altavista babelfish)
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