Howto Optimize Windows XP

by Colin Bett
Do I really need Vista? It is slow (external - login to view), buggy (external - login to view), and requires hardware updates (external - login to view). Below is a selection of software I have incorporated into my Windows XP configuration to spruce up the interface and make the O/S more stable and convenient to use.
Main points of the software:
  • Simplicity - if it takes more than 5 minutes of reading to figure out how a program works I generally lose interest.
  • Effectiveness - a program has to do its job well.
  • Minimal system resources - what's the point of having the world's finest O/S if all other software runs at a crawl?
  • No spyware or adware.
All of the software has been thoroughly tested, and since I can't remember the last time my PC gave me the dreaded blue screen of death I know everything works correctly. If you decide to install any of the following programs I recommend that you create a system restore point before all installations so that you can easily get things back in order should anything go awry. (external - login to view)
Thanks for the link. Coolstuff.

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