Gillette's New 5 Blade Razor

I knew this would happen . The cold war between Schick and Gillette kept escalating,with each company outdoing the other with how many blades they could attach onto a razor. So,Gillette now has one called Fusion with 5 blades. What does this one do that makes it superior to the last model? Probably nothing at all , but it's certain that it costs more. Being an old fashioned sort of guy,a double bladed razor suits me just fine-even the triple blade[in a pinch!],but I'll never ever use a 5 bladed razor
I agree that is just plain sillyness. The orginal double blade Sensor was a serious step up because of the blades thin profile and reasonably lasting sharpness. I bought up a big pile of blades on close out and I am still using them.

I hate the continual triumph of marketing over common sense at corporation. I hope this thing flops badly.
The model with the battery in it...Duh! As if it would improve the shaving experience The Sensor blade is my choice,too.
Well, guys ... switch over to an Epi-Lady if you want a truly close shave! Pulls the suckers out by the roots Ain't ya glad you're men???? Us chicks use that on about 30% of our bodies!!
the caracal kid
if only, cosmo.

my skin is too sensitive to razors. The most comfortable solution is to use a beard trimmer to keep the hairs as short as possible without shaving. However, for those times i needed a "hairless" appearance, I had my face hot-waxed. It did not hurt as much as expected. It takes 2-3 days for my skin to recover from it, which the same timeframe as shaving and it outlasts the recovery period. Shaving is horrible.
I shave every day just because I like the pain Yes.I am glad not to be female-not for the shaving thing,but for the monthlies. I remember my wife using creams for hair removal[Nair?] It was a long time ago, and possibly they were found to be dangerous in some way. But,there's no reason why ladies can't use our new razors,right?

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