Jack Thomas
Hi, my name is Jack and I work for Go4outsourcing.com, a global services marketplace to outsource professional services.

I believe through Go4outsourcing.com, businesses will find it so much easier to find right service providers to outsource to, and service providers will find it easier to find new clients in one convenient, online location.

Any type of service providers will be able to register and offer their services to potential clients. Service providers can also sell their services at a fixed price. Transaction can be done in USD and AUD currency, depending on country of origin. We provide invoice system, payment system, management system, reporting system etc…. which will help businesses manage their services and get business leads anywhere in the world.

We have several categories in which service providers can register for free and start offering their services. Buyer can utilize their time more effectively, by letting service providers find their services request rather than them find a appropriate service provider…

Jack Thomas
www.go4outsourcing.com (external - login to view)
outsourcing marketplace, business process outsourcing, offshore outsourcing, web design and development, website marketing, call center outsourcing, graphic, multimedia.
Reverend Blair
This is a union shop, Jack. We do a booming business fighting spam.
Solidarity Forever! Death To All Scabs

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