Mozilla Bookmarks Gone...

Has anyone else had this happen with Firefox yet? I get home tonight, open Firefox and what pops up but the default Mozilla homepage. That wouldn't be so bad and would be written off as a misc. bug BUT my 'links' bar is empty and when I go to the Bookmarks menu, IT'S EMPTY! /panic /faint I have searched the drive up, down, back n forth for a bookmark*.ht* file and come up blank. This truly sucks the big one, 6 years of bookmarks were sitting in there and now I feel as lost as a neocon at a ethics seminar.

Is this a known bug with Firefox? Would it store the bookmarks anywhere else (temp files etc?) Please HELP!
Firefox is set up to have 2 profiles - the default and your individual settings - try this and see if it helps:

1. Close Firefox completely (select File > Exit from the main menu of Firefox).
2. Select Start > Run... from the Windows Start menu.
3. Enter firefox.exe -profilemanager and press OK.

Then click on the other profile (if there is one) and check don't ask at start-up and then start firefox.

If that doesn't help - I have no idea!
Thanks for the tip Ickle... no dice though

I have lost bookmarks a few times. It is quite easy to back them up on a floppy. While you are at it, back up your address book as well. I have about a hundred and fifty bookmarks and probably 75 items in my address book. Backing them up is particularely useful if your hard drive dies on you.
I know... I should... it's good... but I'm lazy... and forgetful.
I got lucky, though, and managed to lose only 7 or 8 months worth of new bookmarks after cobbling together a backup from Feb I found on a CD , IE Favourites and scouring email and posts for links. (got a few from FF history but that only went back 20days) Still missing some real gems but ah well... chit happens.
Never had a single problem with Firefox til that happened, and none since for that matter.
Out of curiosity, I did a bit of Googling on the subject and found this (external - login to view).

Seems as though it's an issue with Firefox on MS-Windows. If Firefox crashes, sometimes MS-Windows prevents access to your profile files....

More info. found at that link.
I lost all my favourites once when I was on XP. I still to this day could not figure out why. It was strange.

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