Google Tracks Everything You Do, Even Offline

Google tracks everything (external - login to view) you do, and they are not limited to just tracking you online. The search giant (external - login to view) is now developing ways to track users across laptops, tablets and smartphones. They can even follow you (external - login to view) right down to the the stores you visit and businesses you call from your mobile device.

The new Google AdWords (external - login to view) feature, called Estimated Total Conversions (external - login to view), is aimed at advertisers that use the platform to serve their ads to you while you browse the internet. The idea behind the new technology is to track a user from the time they are served an advertisement, until the time they walk into a brick and mortar store, or shop online in order to purchase the advertised product. Google uses the following pitch when selling the new feature to advertisers:

People are constantly connected, using multiple devices throughout the day to shop (external - login to view), communicate and stay entertained (external - login to view). A September 2013 study of multi-device consumers found that over 90% move sequentially between several screens for everyday activities like booking a hotel or shopping for electronics.

As consumers are increasingly on the go and switching between devices, marketers are telling us they want to see a more complete and accurate picture of how their online advertising drives conversions. Conversions can come in many forms: visits to stores, phone calls, app downloads, website sales or purchases made after consulting various devices. Getting better insight into these complex purchase paths can help you optimize your online advertising and allocate budget more effectively.
In addition to your web browsing habits, Google is now tracking your call logs, your GPS records, and a list of the devices that you use on a daily basis. This of course includes your mobile phones (external - login to view), tablets, laptops and more. All in the name of targeted advertising and conversion statistics.

Read more at Google Tracks Everything You Do, Even Offline : Virtual Threat (external - login to view)
Funny you should mention that, Google seems to think I'm interested in Ford trucks.
So they're stalking us, fab! Good thing they're not evil or anything. Lol
nice service
This must be joke site.

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