GOP scientists frustrated with party leadership

Some registered Republican climate scientists relaying their frustration with the GOP leadership:
GOP Not Listening to Its Own Scientists on Climate Change | InsideClimate News (external - login to view)

Kerry Emanuel:
No GOP candidates or policymakers want to touch the issue, and those of us trying to educate them are left frustrated," Kerry Emanuel (external - login to view), an atmospheric scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a registered Republican, told InsideClimate News. "Climate change has become a third rail in politics.
Since 2010 Emanuel has written op-eds in the Boston Globe (external - login to view), The Wall Street Journal (external - login to view) and The Miami Herald (external - login to view) on the need for leaders to tackle climate change and on the link between hurricanes and climate change. Last year he defended the science of climate change in front of the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. He has vowed to continue his efforts despite being bombarded with hate mail (external - login to view) after appearing in a video for the Climate Desk (external - login to view), a collaboration of media organizations. In it, he disclosed that he was a conservative scientist, and he questioned why GOP leaders are hesitant to deal with the climate issue when moral responsibility is such a big theme for the party
Barry Bickmore:
Brigham Young University geochemist Barry Bickmore (external - login to view) is a Mormon and active Republican, serving as a county delegate for the GOP from 2008 to 2010. Bickmore first got involved with his party's handling of climate change when he and other scientific colleagues in the state banded together to try to stop a 2010 Utah resolution that cast doubt on climate science (external - login to view) and urged the Environmental Protection Agency to halt its efforts to regulate carbon emissions. The scientists said the resolution was riddled with scientific errors, but it won passage anyway.
Bickmore has since reached out to his state's U.S. senators, Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, both Republicans, with offers to educate them on climate issues. Lee has yet to respond. Bickmore did convince Hatch's office to remove a fake climate data graph from his public website. The web page, Climate Change 101, is still full of misinformation, Bickmore told InsideClimate News.
GOP scientists? rofl
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GOP scientists? rofl

Kinda like a Creationist scientist, eh!
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