The Power Team

The Power Team, an example of the Power of Christ... Have we gone too far?

They came to my School once when I was younger and tore phone books in half and bent steel rods while breaking a stack of bricks in the name of Christ and the Christian Church.

What are we teaching???

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Ok. Now that must be the 500th version I've seen of what Jesus Christ was supposed to have looked like.
Personally I'd have thought he'd look Middle Eastern, if he existed.
are you smoking crack conquerer?
The Point is that they are catering to Church's and School's and they only thing I can remember that they showed an example of what can be destroyed.

Thought we were all about love not destruction...
Mission Statement of The Power Team:

"To reach people of all ages, who would typically not ever attend an event in a church setting, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Drawing people from all walks of life together into one setting, through the use of performing visually explosive feats of strength, by incredible athletes, who share the life-changing message of the cross."
lone wolf
If circus gimmicks pack 'em in, the collection plate gets fuller....
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If circus gimmicks pack 'em in, the collection plate gets fuller....

LOL! They were auctually asking for money from a bunch of minors at our school in the name of Christ.

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