Christmas is around the corner. I have good memories of Christmas with family and friends. Oh I know there are the nay sayers who say it's a pagan holiday annd a complete fabrication with no historical basis. But I don't care. The holiday brings out good feelings especially for the kids. I have 8 grand children and I hope they have as much fun as I did as a kid. And for all the kids in the world.
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we get so caught up in the politics of thing the holiday becomes secondary
I am glad the old farts in our day didn't dump on everything. we should all relax
and enjoy it as is I have twenty four grand kids and even the adult ones still
enjoy it with us all
Merry Christmas @ssholes!!!

I really love Christmas. I like the everything about it (especially the food ). I don't know if my parents realized how much they made Christmas fun, but now I try my best to do the same.
Christmas is a magical time for everyone regardless of their beliefs. It is the only holiday I really cherish. Christmas Eve is the only time around here that the world seems absolutely still, no traffic, no noise, everybody anticipating the day to come with good company, good food, fun and game. We're lovin' it already!

I have happy memories of early Christmases on the farm. Too snowed in for cars, neighbours came to call by horse drawn conveyance. Sleigh bells jingling, horses chuffing their way through the snow, men having their 'Christmas cheer' at the barn, Mom and the neighbour lady fixing tea and lunch, kids gathered around the tree rattling presents and guessing what Santa would bring.
Our closest neighbour was a Catholic family with six children, went to mass on Christmas Eve, horse drawn sleigh carrying all the family. We watched for them to come down the road from town, they always stopped in for a visit on their way home.
Yes, a magical time.
Curious Cdn
it's a pagan holiday annd a complete fabrication with no historical basis

Stonehenge was built 5,000 years ago, oriented to align with the sun rise on winter solstace (Dec 20, 21).

How historic can you get, eh? It's a giant Christmas Wreath (which also comes from the same culture).
I love Christmas more than ever ... would love it even more if only Santa would send me a wealthy wife.
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