Canadian/American or both?

My husband was born in NYC under a assumed name (long story) to Canadian parents. He was brought back to Canada when he was only six weeks old, but we're not sure if he was registered.

Now the time has come where we'd like to travel. We're awaiting his Canadian Citizen search to see if he was regsitered as a Canadian Citizen.

Meanwhile, we do have his American birth certificate and his draft letter. Could he apply for a American Passport? Do you need a US address to get a passport??? and how long would this take?

As an American citizen born in the US. I THINK he can get a passport at any U.S. Embasy, But for sure he can get on in person at a passport office in the U.S.

Alternativly I am pretty sure you can apply through mail as well, but only if you previously had a US passport.
Yes, he is an American citizen.

No, you do not need a US address. You need proof of citizenship.

I think it takes a month, but I cannot remember for sure.
Thank you!
So just his birth certificate should do it! I'm hoping anyways!

I just found out today to do a search for his Canadian statas it's at lease three months!
He'll probably need more than that, such as a photo ID.

It will all be on the application.
If the significance of you writing that your husband was born in the US under an "assumed name" means that he somehow was issued a US birth certficate under an alias then this could be an issue. I would get an immigration lawyer to look at it.

If your husband got a "draft letter" this means he probably applied for his SIN around 1970 and he would have needed a primary document to get this. You could probably do a privacy request on his SIN file from SDC. They have 30 days to respond.
Well my husband went to the American Embassy in Vancouver on Friday.
He tried to explain everything to them, produced his American birth certificate and Draft letter, his name change certificate and all of his Canadian ID. They basically told him he's SOL and wouldn't help him.

They told him just because he was born IN the US doesn't mean he IS a American citizen? (WTF????) they told him to apply in Canada for his passport!

We started the records search a few weeks ago, so maybe we'll get lucky but I highly doubt it!


If your husband got a "draft letter"

he's just told me he went down to the US when he was 18 to register for it, using his US birth certificate.

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