Thank You From Paul Martin

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He should be remembered as having been "poor" 1 7.69%
He should be remembered as having been "terrible" 3 23.08%
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After having decided to resign as the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, the Right Honourable Paul Martin issued a statement to the people of Canada and his supporters and campaign workers in respect of his term, and the consecutive terms of the Liberal Government of Canada.

Quote: Originally Posted by The Rt. Hon. Paul Martin

Dear Friends:
At the end of a tremendous campaign I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and support. I am so proud of what we have accomplished in eight weeks and 18 months for Canada and for Canadians.
The economy has never been stronger. Last month the national rate of unemployment reached a 30 year low. We delivered 8 balanced budgets in a row. We have paid down $60 billion in debt while easing the tax burden on every Canadian. These are impressive numbers but consider what they represent: for Canadians today it is easier to find work and to pay the bills, easier to afford a home. It's easier to bring up families and to provide for them.
We all worked hard for this and we should all be proud. But what we should be proud of most of all is that we didn't take any of this for granted we built on it. We accepted our prosperity and we reinvested it in one another, in Canada.
Working with the provinces, working together we laid the foundation for a national program for early learning and child care the first new social program in a generation. We strengthened our public health care system lowering wait times, expanding access to hospitals, extending research. We set aside millions to clean up our rivers and streams, lakes and oceans; and billions more in new technologies and new ideas to deal with climate change. We brought the cities and communities we live in to the national...

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Yes, the Liberal Government of Canada had its faults; several of them. Sometimes they outright failed on certain issues but Mr. Martin is right. They did do some great things for Canada and its people.

I look forward to supporting the Liberal Party of Canada while they renew themselves as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, and hope that this election marks a new age of co-operation and respect between our nation's honourable parties.

Thank you, Mr. Martin, for having served your country.
the caracal kid
He will be remembered mostly as a Finance Minister.

His time as PM was too short to have a lasting memory. How well do people remember Campbell or Turner?

As to his letter, i would question at least one of his claims put forth in it.
Hank C
Yes, he was a good finance minister and will be remembered for his balancing of the budget, however Martin will go down as a failure as the PM.

I doubt ten years from now anyone will give a damn, let alone remember him.......a finance minister rarely becomes an figure of history
I think he did alright given the mess that he inherited from Chretien. IMO, two words can sum up his prime ministership, damage control.

He was a far better Finance Minister than Prime Minister.
Double post.
Hank C
I always saw Martin as trying to please everyone and following anything that was popular. He tryed to do everything and thus ended up with nothing to show in the end..........

I would advise Mr Harper to stay on track and follow through on his "5 priorities" that he outlined. I belive if he does so while keeping our economy healthy he will have the opportunity to become a popular PM, and win the strong Majority next time round.
I picked average. He'll be rememberred as a good/excellent Finance Minister, but as a poor/terrible Prime Minister. I think that this will "cancel out" in the minds of historians, leaving him as "average".
He should be remembered as "excellent" finance minister. "pointless" as PM, if that's a possibility.

Remember how everyone thinks GWBush wanted to be President because his father was? Well, Paul Martin wanted to be PM because his father WASN'T. And not for any other particular reason. That's unfortunate, because as finance minister, he did good things.

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