Conservatives vs Liberals

I think not
I found this on another forum, I laughed my ass off, I just had to copy and paste, my apologies to the author

Conservative point of view:

Give a man a fish & he’ll eat for a day.
Teach a man to fish & he’ll eat for a lifetime.

Liberal point of view:

Tax a man for fishing.

Use his fish to feed your constituency.

Regulate fishing in such a way that he can no longer make a profit fishing & goes out of business.

Give him a fish so he can eat. Then, give him a tax return as if you had taxed him for the fish you gave him. Then, raise his taxes because he has more fish now.

Subsidize the failing fishing industry while simultaneously restricting fishing for environmental reasons.

Raise taxes on fishermen to pay for subsidizing the failing fishing industry. Pass a law creating more fish.

Fund a three year study to find out whether fishing causes global warming.

Give some of his fish to illegal immigrants in Ontario & Quebec. What the hell, they’re voting now too right?

Pump money into a failed education system for socialization programs, so his children will feel good about themselves and others whether they have fish or not, yet be so illiterate that they will believe this system to be optimal.

the caracal kid
sounds stupid to me.

canadian governments of all stripes have lived by this "liberal" methodology. the truth is we have never really had a liberal government at the federal level. The best we have had is a Liberal government that acted semi-progressively when poked with the NDP pointy-stick.

don't forget that it is conservative governments that tend to abuse the enviroment to the point were there are no fish, so their statement should be "havest all the fish in the sea, and then leave everybody to starve when there are no more fish".
Free Thinker
I thought that was funny.
Free Thinker
There is one similar entitled "the ant and the grasshopper - Canadian version"

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