...calls on Waterfront Toronto CEO to resign

TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford is calling on Waterfront Toronto CEO John Campbell to resign.

The embattled mayor made the demand in a press conference Thursday at City Hall in the wake of the Toronto Sun story on the Cherry Beach sports fields washrooms costing $600,000. Just a few hours later, the board of Waterfront Toronto issued a statement reaffirming its support for Campbell.

“Folks, this latest example is the final straw,” Ford told reporters. “Six hundred thousand for a washroom? The CEO of Waterfront Toronto must step aside, must step aside and allow the corporation to be steered in a new fiscally responsible direction — it is not happening with this CEO at Waterfront Toronto.

“There is something drastically wrong at Waterfront Toronto. You cannot be spending $600,000 on a washroom and spending $175,000 on designing it. I’m sorry, this cannot continue,” he added.


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Cynthia MulliganVerified account ‏@CityCynthia (external - login to view)

#robford (external - login to view) starts news conference offering condolences to family of little girl killed in traffic accident #topoli (external - login to view)

yet...our friends at torstar musta been asleep it seems...then again, they are very mad aren't they.

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Also when asked about death of young girl, Ford started railing on Eglinton project. Then said we shouldn't politicize a tragic death.