Northern Gateway is good for the North: N.W.T. premier

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'We’re still very bullish on the Canol Shale,' says Premier Bob McLeod

Northwest Territories Premier Bob Mcleod says the approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline is good news for the North.

He says that pipeline won’t just open up new markets for Alberta crude — it will also benefit markets for new oil discoveries that might be tapped in NWT.

“We need to find markets for our oil and gas potential. The United States they have significant amounts of shale gas. Obviously we have to look at other markets. One of the ways is to look at Asia, China and those places.”

But Mcleod is cautious about the project, pointing out that the Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline was approved in 2011, but never built.


Northern Gateway is good for the North: N.W.T. premier - North - CBC News
It's good for all 13 Provinces and Territories.

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