Drummond sets record straight on Liberal spending

And the curmudgeons aren't gonna like it.

A few takeaways from the interview with this economist:

1. Contrary to the PC propaganda machine, the Liberals have already implemented 80% of his tough 2011 budget

2. The Ontario economy would need to receive a credit downgrade to BBB for markets to be affected

3. They are no where near that level and he doesn't foresee it ever happening

4. Hudak's plan officially a stupid one and he should have focused on efficiencies instead of hard cuts to the public sector

More curmudgeon crow here...

Efficiency key to putting Ontario’s economy back on track: Drummond - National | Globalnews.ca (external - login to view)
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From the mouth of a party hack. Efficiencies are gained by cutting excess staff and making the rest actually work for their money, not increase government spending.
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I guess I gave the population of Ontario more credit than they deserve. How anyone could vote for more taxes, wind turbines (which are totally unnecessary and which will increase power bills even more over the next 20 years), more cronyism, etc. is beyond me.

I'm shakin' my head!

How is Drummond a party hack? lol

He was the one the PCs idolized as a talking point just before the election.
Enjoy your taxes.
I'm not rich, don't smoke and already have a pension plan.
Drummond for PM

Ottawa lacking reliable data on jobs trends, Drummond says | CTV News (external - login to view)
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Quote: Originally Posted by mentalflossView Post

I'm not rich

You'll have even less when the tax rates jumps again

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don't smoke

You sure about that? After the last election, most of Canada believes that you guys were all stoned outta your gord

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already have a pension plan.

You'll be working well into your 90s

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