The Case of Kathleen Wynne's Former "Advisor" Ben Levin

...and His Impeccable Wiki Page Grows Curiouser and Curiouser

Ben Levin's Wikipedia Entry Is Oddly Spotless. Why?

Ben Levin, the bloke who once served as Deputy Minister to then-Ontario Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne (and whose name, for obvious reasons, you will never hear now-Premier Wynne mentioning on the campaign hustings), is still facing some embarrassing charges related to an alleged fondness for kiddie porn. And even though none of this is new—or even news—Wikipedia, which prides itself on up-to-date entries, is apparently refusing to allow anything about the arrest or the charges onto its Ben Levin page (external - login to view).

What gives? Surely referencing news reports about an actual arrest on actual charges can't possibly be considered potentially "libelous".Further to this (external - login to view) from yesterday: a look at the Revision History of Levin's Wiki page (external - login to view) reveals that on at least three occasions someone tried to change the entry to include the criminal charges relating to Levin's alleged involvement in kiddie porn (external - login to view). Each times the revision, though reliably sourced, was rejected because of--and flagged for--"possible BLP (external - login to view) issue or vandalism" or "vandalism" alone.

There's something's really fishy here, no? Who is rejecting these revisions, and why are they able to get away with it?

Scaramouche!: The Case of Kathleen Wynne's Former "Advisor" Ben Levin and His Impeccable Wiki Page Grows Curiouser and Curioser (external - login to view) (external - login to view)
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Wikipedia is obviously a LPO conspiracy.

How did you not know this already?
Lieberals are always pretty good at covering up inconvenient truths.

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