The Department of National Defence has broken its promise to a Canadian solider, Master Corporal Kristian Wolowidnyk, now fast-tracking his transition out of the Canadian Forces. The department had previously agreed to allow him to transition out of the forces at his own pace over 36 months, after he spoke out about his attempted suicide in the face of the department’s refusal to recognize him as “severely disabled.”

There are now accusations that the Department of National Defence was stringing MCpl. Wolowidyk along until media attention had died down, so that they could put him back onto the fast-track to dismissal when nobody was looking. In light of the military ombudsperson’s findings that more than nine-tenths of soldiers on joint defence units are dismissed, it’s also been suggested that the department is pushing for dismissal as a way to cut costs before outgoing soldiers can receive fully-indexed pensions.

Source: Soldier who attempted suicide on fast-track for dismissal as DND breaks promise (CBC)