Judge tosses suit against Rob Ford

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Christie Blatchford: Judge had ‘serious doubt’ about credibility of restaurateur who launched libel suit against Toronto mayor

An Ontario Superior Court judge has tossed a $6-million libel suit against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, saying there is “serious doubt” about the credibility of the restaurateur who launched it.

George Foulidis, who runs the controversial Boardwalk Café on prime city land in the eastern beaches area of the city, was suing Mr. Ford, then a councillor running for the mayoralty, and another former candidate for municipal office, Bruce Baker.

Judge John Macdonald crisply dismissed both actions in separate decisions released Thursday.


Rob Ford libel case tossed over ‘doubt’ about credibility of George Foulidis | Full Comment | National Post

Carry on.

The accusation: Basically, the judge found that when Mr. Ford said the city’s untendered, 20-year deal with the café stunk to high heaven and smacked of corruption, he wasn’t accusing anyone, merely voicing a suspicion.

I remember this. It was what lead to the political demise of the City Counselor who cut the deal. I can't remember her name, but by all accounts it stunk to high heaven and smacked of corruption.
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In this case regarding Mr Ford i have to concur with the Judge.

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