Public Service Salaries: Canada Pays Average Bureaucrat $114,000

Would Canada's Real Conservative Party Please Stand Up

Canada's 375,000 federal public employees now make, on average, $114,000 in salary & benefits (external - login to view). This amount is expected to rise to $129,800 in the next 3 years.
The report which revealed these figures was released by the Parliamentary Budget Officer. It also stated the following:
"Total compensation (per full-time employee) in the federal workforce outpaced not only CPI (inflation), but also that of the Canadian business sector and provinces and territories over the study period."
Greg Thomas, of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, discusses these outrageous revelations (external - login to view).

small dead animals: Would Canada's Real Conservative Party Please Stand Up (external - login to view)
L Gilbert
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Gravy train. Overpaid and underworked. Nothing new here, Loc. Interesting, though.

Also interesting is Public Service Pension Plan History (external - login to view)
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This makes me feel both angry and queasy at the same time. What a frigging waste of money! I hate bureaucrats.
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