Van Loan gets 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct

This is what happens when there is no hockey to watch.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair and Government House leader Peter Van Loan almost got into a scrap on the floor of the House of Commons on Wednesday, as tempers flared over the government’s second budget implementation legislation.

The two men exchanged heated words while arguing over procedural issues, according to Deputy Liberal leader Ralph Goodale, who later tweeted there was “lots of talk and gestures.”

“Nose to nose,” he added, “but no apparent direct contact.”


Thomas Mulcair, Peter Van Loan nearly come to blows in House of Commons | Canadian Politics | Canada | News | National Post

Peter Van Loan and Thomas Mulcair argument in the House of Commons - YouTube

No sound? Do you know anyone who bought the PPV and recorded it?
The mics were turned off. What a drag.
I wonder which of the three people that watch CPAC uploaded this to YouTube?
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Quote: Originally Posted by petrosView Post

I wonder which of the three people that watch CPAC uploaded this to YouTube?

CPAC has that big an audience?
You should see their Tor seeding man. It's like awesome.
After sitting in the corner for 2hrs, Van Loan says "sorry".

Still no word from the NDPQ.

Peter Van Loan says sorry for Commons brawl, urges NDP to also apologize (external - login to view)
Just ban them both for 7 days.
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Just ban them both for 7 days.

Aren't they done until spring come Friday?

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