Parti Quebecois loses fight to remove Canadian flag

The Maple Leaf is staying put in one of the main rooms at Quebec’s national assembly. An attempt by the Parti Quebecois to remove the Canadian flag failed today, with the two main opposition parties voting to defeat the minority government.

That means the flag will continue to adorn what is known as the Red Room of the legislature.

The room once housed Quebec’s now-defunct upper chamber and is still used for legislative committees and ceremonies like a cabinet swearing-in.

The flag has never stood in the legislature in either of the previous two eras that the pro-independence party held office.

This time the PQ’s intentions prompted a backlash, with the party receiving criticism in social media and the news media.


The Maple Leaf will stay: Parti Quebecois loses fight to remove Canadian flag from national assembly | Canada | News | National Post
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Canada... It all started in Quebec.
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We need another referendum, this one having everybody but Quebec vote on if they should be booted or not.
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The last thing you want it Quebec booted out or to leave it would have serious implications for this
country. As for the flag, it points out the obvious, more people voted for other parties than voted
for the PQ and this meant the flag stays. Next election will tell a little more, as the NDP will provide
a left of center Federalist party.
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