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AreCanadians The 51st American State?

By The Canadian Charger

November 25, 2012
The final chapter of Yves Engler's "The Ugly Canadian" sums up Canada's role in the world
today as America's errand-boy, and PM Harper's government as a right-wing, militaristic,
ideologically and theologically driven outfit always ready to look after the interests of powerful
corporations in particular and the rich in general.

Engler piles detail on detail, often in convincing fashion, as for example in his analysis of what
the tar/oil sands are doing to the environment and to Canada’s reputation on the one hand and
of how Canada is putting all of its influence into defending the industry wherever it faces real
or potential criticism. Ditto on Canadian mining interests around the world.
. . . . . .

One interesting and important fact that Engler points to is the Harper government’s active effort in establishing military bases in Africa and Asia. That was something we learned.

Are Canadians The 51st American State? (external - login to view)

There are interesting comments in the link.
My own reaction? I want to stay a Canadian!
AreCanadians The 51st American State?

NOPE! Israel is.
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More like the 52nd state, Israel is the 51st state. Get your facts right would ya.
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More like the 52nd state, Israel is the 51st state. Get your facts right would ya.

Israel,Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Phillipines, Guam, Japan, Korea and many others have us beat.
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We rank pretty high, Harper wants a military base in Singapore. Mexico is not doing such things. SK is a big big supporter of the USA. Guam is too small, PR is part of the USA and may become a real state. Philippines is only because the USA colonized them and killed thousands, because they do such things to each other today and recently. Better than China I guess.
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AreCanadians The 51st American State?

NOPE! Israel is.

Haha...very good, you know the facts! And this 51st state is controlling all the others, right??

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my God, the terminally stupid are coming out of the wood work tonight.
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90% of Canada's population lives within 50 miles of the US boarder. Isn't it time for the USA to give the Territory of Canada its statehood?

Canada and the US, despite having been basically set up by similar groups of European settlers, have evolved socially, culturally and politically in very different ways and I don't think there is any credible chance that a merger will take place in the foreseeable future.

I've always thought one of the important differences is summed up by the thought that where Americans pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Canadians have tended to value Peace, Order and Good Government. It's become less true over time, but it retains enough truth to sum up much of the difference.

Shortly after 911, it was proposed that the Canada/US border should more or less be eliminated in favour of perimeter security - that is, both countries would adopt very strict security against anyone coming from outside CANUS, but moving between the two countries would be made easier. Part of my job was to travel and measure public opinion on this and it was overwhelmingly hated by Canadians.

First, it was recognized that the US would impose its rules on the perimeter, basically removing Canadian sovereignty over who could enter our country. Canadian rules on refugees and immigrants tend to be very different and people don't want to be told to change that by another country. Canadians take a bizarre pride in not being Americans.

Second, and this was a problem on both sides of the border, the first thing that would cross the former border in massive quantities is the high grade marijuana that is pretty nearly legal in Canada. The second thing that would cross the border would be the guns and drug violence from the US seeking to control that marijuana. No Canadians want to import that and shockingly few Americans seem to want better access to kickass bud.

Anyway, the short answer is there is no meaningful desire in Canada to join the US. There may be a tiny constituency in the US that would like to acquire access to Canada's resources, specifically water, but it isn't a meaningful force.
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No and we won't be. I hope Harper enjoys the gun metal purchase he is making, once the
Tories are gone it will be a hundred years before we buy more.
Canada has a history of being some of the toughest fighting soldiers in wartime and we are
flexing a few muscles that will not last once the conservatives are out of office.
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There are perks to being Canadian that America just won't accept:

  • Universal Healthcare
  • Diversity and cultural acceptance (or at least tolerance, in some cases).
  • Not spending 42% of our country's budget on warfare each year.
  • We want more than two political parties. It's sort of a "Would you like your prison wallpaper red or blue?" in America. We like more choices for colours - look at our money and people.
Loonie sounds like she's "taken a load" of something.

What's new?

Least she didn't do the thing.
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my God, the terminally stupid are coming out of the wood work tonight.

- This is the only time in my memory when I actually agree with you. As to the terminally stupid, what would you expect from a thread launched by soneone who proudly (and accurately) describes him or her or itself as a loon?
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no.. it's Ireland.. we are the 51st State..
The Old Medic
Engler stacks opinion upon opinion, not "facts".
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There are perks to being Canadian that America just won't accept:

  • Diversity and cultural acceptance (or at least tolerance, in some cases).

This one always made me laugh!

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