Interesting article re: Crown Corps.

We've discussed and argued about them here before: From the CBC we get:

What are Crown corporations and why do they exist? - Canada - CBC News

Ta,da!.........drum roll........well, it's sort of interesting.
Those who feel selling off Crowns is beneficial need to look at the telecomm industry and how it fell apart or better yet the **** that is going on in BC (Basket Case) with BC Ferrys, BC Hydro and TransLink. TransLink is sucking on the socialist tits two at a time. They can't run or expand transit services without funding yet they can give MGT bonuses for doing such a ****ty job,
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The problem is these institutions were paid for over the decades by citizens who now
collectively own them. The investment was costly the benefits were great. Now there
are those who want to sell them for much less than their worth so private and sometimes
international citizens can benefit at our expense.
the current government in BC screwed everything up when they started the private/public
partnerships. Not because the are necessarily bad, its the way they broke down the cost
structure. Its called cost plus. Regardless of how wasteful the company is they will not be
financially held accountable as they receive five percent over cost guaranteed.
The other mistake BC Rail. This service provided transportation and people oriented service
throughout the north and with increasing investment in the north of BC others will financially
benefit instead of British Colombians it is one example of a total disgrace.

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