Racism in Canada

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All I know is the Man is always keepin me down!

............you must be one of the two on the bottom................play dem blues.

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Oh yes, I forgot to mention one other tiny aspect of this.

The Supreme Court of Canada held that Native peoples do not have the right to go back and forth across the US/Canada border, with their goods.

This right is enshrined in the treaties that ended both the American Revolution AND the War of 1812. Those treaties specifically state that natives have the right to move back and forth across the border, without hindrance, to work in either country without having to formally emigrate, and to move their personal household goods without any duties, etc.

The Supreme Court of Canada denied Native peoples the right to do this. In fact, they stated that the clauses that guarantee this are "non-operative".

In effect, the Supreme Court of Canada has abrogated the treaties that ended those wars, and they have reinstated a State of War between our two countries. (If the treaty is meaningless, then we are still in a state of war, aren't we?)

By the way, the USA honors the right of any Canadian native person (50% native or more) to come to the USA, to get a Social Security Card, to work, and to move any and all of their personal property into the USA, without any customs duty whatsoever. They do not have to register as foreign nationals, they do not have to get anyone's permission to work, etc.

Look it up on the Internet, it makes for some fascinating reading.

So do the citations by the United Nations against Canada for racism.

There is ABSOLUTELY no chance one of our first nation bros or sis's would smuggle guns, drugs, people, exotic snakes, cigarettes...........nah.........what we've done here is definitely racist.
Racism in Canada? it depends on the language your speak before coming here. As far as i am concerned, my only mistake is to settle down in Montreal without speaking good English. I came here by the skilled immigration program, but unable to find a job in my field, been obliged to go back to school, the second mistake have been attending the french famous business school in montreal, until now am looking for a job but they always argue my english is not enough good and they are right. There are many jobs where you only need to speak french but an immigrant like me will never access to because they will always prefer a local even i am more skilled or educated. An other thing i noticed on TV networks, it is the difference between english channels where you can find many kind of coloured people and the french quebecers where they are only between them if you see what i mean.

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