Canadian Resident wanting to move to the U.S.

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I am a Canadian Citizen and I have been dating an American man for 2 years now. I would like to move to Seattle where he lives, so we can start our life together. I have researched the different visa's and possible ways we could do this. We considered the fiance visa, but we don't want to just get married to get us out there (I have a 7 yr old daughter also) and its almost forcing us to get married because you have to do it within 90 days or you have to leave the US and cannot reapply for another 6mths!! So I was going to try and apply for jobs from here and hope that they will help me get a worker's visa, OR can I apply for one anyway without having a job lined up there? I have had people tell me, that if I just go down there and stay, I can apply for a permanent resident status. But my issue is, I have my furniture, a car, clothes that I need and want to bring with me there, so obviously I can't go that route because the border will be questioning me about all my stuff! SO, how can I move to the U.S. by summer 2009, with my stuff and able to work? Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated, let me stress that....greatly appreciated!!!!!

Mrs. R.Givens

That's the legal version of a shotgun marriage.
King Kong
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I am a Canadian Citizen and I have been dating an American man for 2 years now

You'd better not look South Asian or Arabic.

Why's that Bud?!??
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I'm an American and my girlfriend of 6 years is from Canada. She finally wants to move to the U.S. to be with me... What is her best and fastest option? She works at an american based company in Canada so she would do the work transfer... Also she is currently doing a pardon... Can anyone help on this subject?

Her having a criminal record is going to be a problem.

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