Forum Re-Direct to... What?

Normally in my browser I type "can..." which auto-fills to "" to get to these forums..... um... but just a few seconds ago and even right now as I type this, I am redirected to this:

Hello, My Name Is Pabst (external - login to view)

Some site about babies named by "Non-Conformists, Indie, Geeky, DIY, Hipsters" and other types of Beatnik Wannabes.

Interesting re-direct you got going on in here.

typing "" works ok, it's just when you leave the forums. part off.

or is it just my computer? (external - login to view)

It seems to go to CanadianContent when you add the www (external - login to view). to it... but leave it off and you go to the above site.
same here. interesting.
I new Andem was young, but one and one-half is much younger than expected.
#4 auto fills to Canadian tire......because it's in my favorites
How often do you guys delete your browsing history???

I seem to recall that someone linked to that site, a week or two ago, because I remember seeing it before on the forum.....But I clean my cache, browsing and search history daily, a habit I picked up when a 4 gig hard drive was a lot of computer.
I also clear my dns cache.
This is one thing I hate about start typing a search phrase and up pops a search page before I'm finished typing up pops a page and you have to use the mouse to put the cursor back in the search window to finish what you were typing, and since I watch the keyboard and not the makes it worse ..
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I have WIndows 8 now.... I have no idea how I would even start deleting history etc.
I just save the forum in my bookmarks (favourites on a PC)). It always takes to the sign in page. Why type it in every time?
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Just a small mis-configuration in new server settings.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndemView Post

Just a small mis-configuration in new server settings.

Just checked... fixed
Quote: Originally Posted by PraxiusView Post

Just checked... fixed

Thanks for letting me know.
Good work skipper!

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