via The Blaze:

The financial blog 24/7 Wall St. (external - login to view) on Tuesday released its list of the “best CEOs of 2012″ — and further investigation reveals that a plurality of political donations made by the “best CEOs” were to Democrat causes, according to data available on opensecrets.org (external - login to view)

“24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 2012 track records of dozens of large company CEOs. We looked at share price, execution, revenue and EPS growth, as well as evidence of substantial long-term plans,” 24/7 Wall St.’s Douglas A. McIntyre writes, explaining how they came up with this year’s list.

“Some of the CEOs who made the list because they excelled or stood out in some or all of these measures had one particularly good year,” he adds. “Other CEOs have posted many years of strong earnings (external - login to view) and sales growth. In most cases, to do so they have changed their products to draw in new customers or create better operating efficiencies.”

He continues:

To identify the best CEOs of 2012, 24/7 Wall St. screened for best performing stocks in the S&P 500 using Cap IQ. The market value of the company had to be greater than $3 billion.

We also examined EPS and earnings growth (external - login to view) for the most recent quarter and recent year. To ensure that we only measured the impact of the current CEO and not a predecessor, we only considered executives who had been in the position for at least two years.

Finally, we only considered CEOs who had done something particularly meaningful that had, or likely would have, a long-term effect on the companies they run.

Best CEOs of 2012 - 24/7 Wall St. (external - login to view)