Most hated road on the island

Hey juan looks like jinglepot rd up your way made the list. :P

By RudyHaugeneder
Goldstram News Gazette
Nov 04 2005

Fed-up motorists have named six Greater Victoria intersections - including one on the View Royal border - as among Vancouver Island's top 10 "hated" intersections.
The results of a three-week, web-based B.C. Automobile Association survey are being handed over to municipal and provincial traffic engineers for action.
Traffic volume and congestion were cited as the "top frustration" by the 2,500 survey respondents.
The worst intersection on the Island is Douglas Street and Hillside Avenue, followed by Highway 17 at Sayward Road.
Ranked in fifth spot is the Admirals at Craigflower roads intersection at the View Roal border, followed by Hillside at Shelbourne.
A pair of Saanich intersections made the list with Cedar Hill Cross Road at Richmond Avenue ranked seventh, while the intersection of Admirals Road and Highway 1 is in spot No. 8.
"We expect transportation officials to take these survey results seriously because they come from their customers - the people who pay for and use these traffic facilities every day," said BCAA communications and government affairs director Trace Acres.
The 'hated' List

1. Douglas Street at Hillside Avenue

2. Highway 17 at Sayward Road

3. Highway 19A at Northfield Road

4. 17th Street at Cliffe Avenue

5. Admirals at Craigflower roads

6. Hillside at Shelbourne Street

7. Cedar Hill X Rd at Richmond Avenue.

8. Admirals Road at Highway 1

9. Highway 19A at Lee Road

10. Highway 1 at Jinglepot Road :P
Hi Pea

We live in Uplands near Wellington school so we don't get on Ginglepot that often. As an islander, I have to say that as far as traffic is concerned, our worst street is better than Vancouver's best street,
Hey juan :P
I never been on Ginglepot either, but I have to turn off on jinglepot road every time I visit the gene pool, dat be my ma and pa
I hated th Gorge, Government, Douglas intersection. The three way intersection was a nightmare.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gonzo

I hated th Gorge, Government, Douglas intersection. The three way intersection was a nightmare.

I totally agree! I don't know how many times I've been down there and I still don't understand how the lights work! They seem to just change all seems so poorly planned...
Hey! welcome fourty2, another islander, I also live in victoria, along with a few other here.
Yes, welcome fourty2

Peapod, how about the Malahat when there has been an accident and you sit for three hours.

I know Ginglepot road a little better now and that corner is bad.
Hey listen to this...last year I sat up there for three hours A huge accident, the traffic must have been backed up to duncan was the perfect time for my radiator to go on the blink Oh well a few islanders looked after me. In some ways it was kinda nice, got to meet a bunch of peeps and chew the fat at the top of the malahat
the caracal kid
i agree with the lower mainland comment. of what time i have spent on the island, i have seen nothing that comes close the the "normal" traffic tie-up called #1 between the cassiar connector and the east side of surrey during those "rush hours". its enough to make you move to the island, but then i would end up taking a ferry back over all the time to go to squamish/whistler/pemberton. (some places just have the better climbing and skiing - tee hee)
Well there is a new hoover craft ferry out of nanaimo now, right to downtown Vancouver....We gots mt washington to ski, and we gots nice mountains to climb...sea to sky highway..blah blah blah! :P
Anyone remember when the Hillside/Douglas/Gorge intersection used to be a round-a-bout?
bevski how ya doing bevski, where you been running for office No, I don't recall that round about, but I notice they have a few out langford way now.

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